Английский кроссворд на тему — любовь

Замечательный кроссворд про любовь и отношения для школьников

 кроссворд про любовь

3. Emotions experienced when in a state of well-being (счастье)
4. A holiday taken by a newly married couple (медовый месяц)
7. Complete confidence in a person (вера)
8. The experiencing of affective and emotional states (чувство)
9. A date; usually with a member of the opposite sex (свидание)

1. The legal dissolution of a marriage (развод)
2. A very young child who has not yet begun to walk or talk (ребенок)
5. A mutual promise to marry (помолвка)
6. Jewellery consisting of a circlet of precious metal worn on the finger (кольцо)
10. Activities associated with intimate intercourse (секс)

 кроссворд про любовь

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